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This site is about Lesson Plans, specifically Lesson Plans that make use of Primary Source materials.

While I will be using the Lesson Plans to help third-year Elementary Education majors learn more about lesson planning and about the use of Primary Source materials, I hope that any teacher might find something of use here. Whether you are able to use some of the materials here as you find them, or if something here sparks an idea, my hope is that this site might help you enrich your lessons.

The lessons here are broken into two categories: Visual Literacy lessons involve the interpretation of visual artifacts. Little Houses lessons are about creating visual artifacts from verbal descriptions, based on the Little House books written by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Visual Literacy LessonsLink to Visual Literacy Lessons

This series of activities illustrate a variety of uses of primary resources to build visual literacy and other literacy skills.

The first few lessons focus on understanding visual literacy, experiencing activities that require the use of visual skills and their metacognitive skills to read pictures, to make predictions and to create questions. These lessons will also introduce the students to the resources of the Library of Congress. Students will be given a series of photos, copies of artwork, maps, and documents to study and respond to in a variety of ways.

Little Houses LessonsLink to Little Houses Lessons

These lessons are used to demonstrate how a teacher can use primary sources to create interest and curiosity prior to a lesson and to extend students' interest and curiosity after a lesson.

The students will read a variety of passages about the homes Laura Ingalls lived in during the times depicted in Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie. In addition the students will create visualizations that describe the process of home building and life on the prairie. The visualization activities allow for the use of prior knowledge and creativity.

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