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Photage of Notable Black Americans

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Photage of Notable African Americans is designed to provide young and old with information regarding the successes of African Americans.  These successes are often times credited incorrectly.  The word "Photage" was developed as a means of aiding individuals in their understanding of the awesome achievements made by men and women of African descent.  Various photographs, pictures, or drawings can be viewed to aid viewers of this site in their visual realization and/or appreciation of these achievements.  These visual aids justify the first syllable of the term "photage"

Analyzing the term further, we can see that these achievements did not develop over night.  Rather, their evolution surfaced over a period of time.  This period did not exist solely during one month, year, decade, or century.  Instead, they evolved throughout a combination of decades and centuries.  Hence, the birth of the second syllable in the term "photage" is evident.

Photage of Notable African Americans is a condense five week program.  As a result of the vast number of African American achievements, it is impossible to acknowledge all individuals.  For this, I extend my deepest apologies, as I do not want to give the impression that one achievement is more important than another.  It must also be stated that this unit was developed and characterized into four sections.  These sections express the achievements of discovering freedom from a state of slavery, the inventions of African Americans,as well as poets, and artists of the Renaissance Period.  Depending upon your interests, this unit is devised in such a way that all five weeks do not have to be completed. Instead, this unit allows individuals to focus only on those areas of interest.

After studying this unit, I hope you will use your imagination and various resources to discover the unlimited achievements of countless African Americans not mentioned.

Due to the overwhelming number of Black American achievements, this project begins by revealing the successes of slaves in search of freedom.  From there the unit journeys to the inventions of African Americans, and concludes with poets and artists of the renaissance period.  To due justice to this type of unit, it was necessary to work with a partner so as to touch upon as many Black American achievements as possible.  While these forms of achievements are limited to 4 areas, the variety of African American achievements embedded upon the pages of history are endless. 


In order to achieve success, one must be free to experiment, express opinions, and display ideas.  For some, achieving FREEDOM may bear a heavy price..  How much would you pay to achieve your goal?  Click on the picture below to discover what price a slave mother paid to ensure the freedom of her children.

Margaret Garner----------------------------------------



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