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PowerPoint Summary of Project

Instructional Design

This program explores the relationship between the advent of nursing licensure laws and the women’s suffrage movement.  Timelines
for licensure and suffrage are compared.  This history of nursing licensure is discussed as well as the legal implications of a license.  Nurse Practice Acts is described as a guide for nursing practice within an individual state.  The Illinois Nurse Practice Act is examined. 

How to use the program
This program is presented in 3 lessons.  Each lesson can be read in less than one hour. 

Lesson 1: Nursing Licensure – explores the history behind nursing licensure in the United Stated beginning with permissive licensure laws instituted in 1903 and continuing through the first mandatory licensure law enacted in 1947.

Lesson 2: Nurse Practice Acts – explores the advent of nurse practice acts and their use by individual states to guide nursing practice.  The Illinois Nurse Practice act is discussed. 

Lesson 3: Feminism and Nursing Licensure – explores the relationship between nursing licensure, women’s suffrage and war time visibility of nurses.   Offers discussion related to the delay in enactment of mandatory licensure laws for nurses.

Suggested Activities: Offers instructors suggestions to use for evaluating student engagement with the material.  Offers several active learning evaluation activities which can be completed in groups or as an individual.

Intended Audience
This program was developed for baccalaureate nursing students for use in Nursing Law, Health Policy or Nursing history course.  This program can also be used as a stand alone module.  This program can also be used by any nurse or the general public.

Concept Map of Nursing Legal Practice










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