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Adventure of the American Mind
¿Quién Llegó Primero? - Who arrived first?
Early Spanish Explorers in the United States
Adventure of the American Mind
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Adventure of the American Mind  

Most American high school students have learned their United States history from the perspective of Engish-speaking historians and texts. From our earliest school years, we learn the about Pocahontas in the Jamestown story and we remember the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock every Thanksgiving. We study very little about the Vikings who explored the northern shores of our continent or the Spanish explorers who landed in Florida and ventured as far northwest as Oregon. Perhaps this is because the lands they discovered and mapped were not a part of the thirteen colonies or perhaps it is because their travels were not documented in English. This project will ask students to broaden their understanding of American history.

"It has been
said that
he who writes history determines truth."


De Soto's early exploration from 1539-1544




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Spanish high school students will explore the historical timeline of exploration and discovery of what is now the continental United States. Opportunities will be provided to search for and use early primary resources available through the Library of Congress that document the travels of early Spanish explorers. Lastly, students will be challenged to critically consider how history is written. While the project activities are designed to be completed in Spanish, many activities can be done in English.

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