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Taxation and the American Colonies

How British Taxes Helped Spark the American Revolution

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Activity 1 - Analyze a Primary Source

Activity 2 - Research Economic Events that Led to the American Revolution and Create a Group Presentation

Activity 3 - Present Power Point Presentations of Research and Write a Summary

Activity 4 - Compare/Contrast Event in Recent History to Events of the Past

Activity 5 - Discuss with Guest Speaker How Taxation Affects the Schools Today

Activity 6 - Write an Essay



This website will introduce the students to the practice of taxation and how it affects citizens. The goal of the 6 lessons is for students to use primary sources from the Library of Congress, as well as other resources, to learn why historical events happen and to develop critical thinking skills in forming opinions and comparing historical events. The students will do this through the study of how British taxation of the Colonists helped spark the American Revolution. The unit of study can be completed in a three-week period. It integrates social studies, language arts and math.

This is an Adventures of the American Mind project, and its primary purpose is to encourage teachers to broaden the possibilities for student learning by using primary sources from the Library of Congress in their lessons. This project was made possible by The Library of Congress; Illinois Senator Richard Durbin; Dr. Sandi Estep and Professor Luci Sweder, of Governor's State University, .

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