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America Sings:History of American Patriotic Songs

patriotic melodies

Ms. White's Music Page


On this page you can learn more about the patriotic songs in this unit.

  • For information on a song, select "Facts" .
  • To hear the song and view the lyrics, select "Music". [If the links below will not open for the music, please refer to the Image Table for other sites which also provide music.]
  • To research the document on the Library of Congress, select the picture of the sheet music.

Have fun!

Music Table
If the music will not play from the links, you can find music sites on the Image Table page.

America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful Sheet Music


Battle Hymn of the Republic

Battle Hymn Sheet Music


God Bless America

God Bless America printer's proof



My Country 'Tis of Thee

My Country Sheet Music


The Star Spangled Banner

Star Spangled Banner Sheet Music


This Land Is Your Land

Land - black and white photo





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