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America Sings:History of American Patriotic Songs

Patriotic Melodies

Student Page

What do you know about patriotic music? What do you want to know? Show what you learned. You will discover many interesting facts about America's patriotic music. You can work by yourself or work with a group. When you're finished. You can create a Powerpoint presentation and even write your own songs. Save all of your work and ideas in your portfolios. Have fun!

Note to Students: You can complete the tasks that interest you. Make sure you work with your group and get help from the classroom teacher, music teacher and resource person. Have your writing journal handy every day so that you write notes, reminders, and reflections.

One day: 30 minutes

[Use with Lesson 1.]

Make a Pledge of Allegiance Booklet.

Your task: After listening to the book, Pledge Allegiance, create a book with your own illustrations for the words of the pledge.

Materials: Pledge Booklet Sheets; pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, stapler.

  1. Draw pictures for each line of the pledge.
  2. Color and decorate pages.
  3. Cut out and staple pages together.
  4. Share your book with friends.

3 days: 30 minutes each

[Use with Lessons 2-4.]

Collect Data for Patriotic Songs.

Your task: Choose two songs a day on the music page. Listen to your songs and find information about each one.

Materials: Song Assessment Sheets; pencil.

  1. Select Music Page.
  2. Choose two songs. Write the titles of the songs on your assessment sheet.
  3. Read facts about the songs and record the information.
  4. Listen to the music.
  5. Discuss what you've learned with your study group or with a friend.
  6. Repeat this task for two more class periods.

1 day: 40 minutes

[Use with Lesson 5.]

Create a Patriotic Music Timeline.

Your task: Create a timeline online.

Materials: Song Assessment sheets; Internet access or timeline template (I have provided a worksheet if you do not have access to the internet); pencils; crayons, markers

  1. Discuss with the class what you learned about the songs you researched.
  2. Look at the years on your song assessment sheets. Put them in order from earliest to latest.
  3. Log on to the internet. Return to this page and select timeline.
  4. Follow the directions to complete your timeline.
  5. Check with team members or a friend to see if your information is correct.
  6. Print your timeline.
  7. You may want to draw pictures on your timeline.

1 day: 30-40 minutes

[Use with Lesson 6.]

Plan a Presentation for Your Favorite Song.

Your task: Choose and plan activity in which you will present your favorite song to the class.

Materials: Planning Sheet; pencils

  1. Choose (with your group) your favorite song.
  2. Decide how you will present your song. Your teacher will give you some suggestions.
  3. Select your activity.
  4. Make and record your plans on your planning sheet.
  5. You can use these templates, too.

    Write a Song.
    Make a Book.
    Create a Movie. (See sample movie.)

3 days: 30-40 minutes

[Use with Lesson 6.]

Gather Data for Your Presentation.

Your tasks: You will find or draw pictures for your song, book, or Powerpoint presentation. You can also use library books and magazines to gather more information. You may want to record music.

Materials: Planning Sheets; floppy disks (optional); pencils; internet access; crayons; markers; tape recorder; blank audiotapes or CD-RW.
Gather pictures:

  1. Ask teacher how you will save your work.
  2. Log on to the internet and then return to this page.
  3. Select American Memory Collection or Yahooligans.
  4. Search for pictures. Choose more pictures than you will need. [If you are rewriting a song, you can look for pictures for the cover of your sheet music.]
  5. Save pictures in your folder. (Your folder should be saved on a floppy disk/CD-RW or on the server on your computer.)

Gather music:

  1. Ask teacher how you will save your work.
  2. Log on to the internet and then return to this page.
  3. Listen to music on the Music Page or on the Patriotic Melodies page (Library of Congress). If the links aren't working you may also find the music on the; NIEHS Music Site and Patriotic Midi Site. (See reference page.)
  4. Book mark this sites.
  5. Ask your teacher or tech helper how to save music to a folder if necessary.

Miniumum: 3 days Maximum: 6 days

(30-40 minutes each day)

[Use with Lesson 7.]


Create Your Presentation!

Your tasks: You will create a presentation to present to the class. After creating your presentation, you will practice with your group for Patriotic Music Day!

Materials: Microsoft Powerpoint; Presentation Rubric; all materials in your portfolio; crayons; markers; drawing paper; construction paper; stapler.

  1. Gather all of your materials.
  2. Work together to create your presentation.
  3. Help each other and get help from your teacher or resource person.
  4. If you are working on Powerpoint, remember to SAVE often. (You can view a sample Powerpoint for You're A Grand Old Flag.)
  5. Complete project. Use a rubric to grade your project.
  6. Practice your presentation with your group.

(1 - 60 minute period)

[Use with Lesson 7.]

Presentation Day

Now you and your friends can enjoy your hard work.

Share your comments on the rubrics provided by the presenters.



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