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America Sings: History of American Patriotic Songs

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This website was created by:
Julie White
Washington Elementary School
Harvey, IL
for the Adventures of the American Mind


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Throughout history Americans have used music to tell their feelings about their experiences. This unit will explore the way patriotic songs defined America in different eras. The students will explore the lyrics and music for these songs using the Library of Congress and other sources. They will create a presentation of a patriotic song or write a new patriotic song to share with the world.

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Grade Level 2 - 3

Curriculum Fit

Social Studies, Music, Language Arts
Time Required 3 to 4 weeks
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Note: I use this website as a culminating activity for a Social Studies unit about America's Holidays and Customs. You can modify these lessons for any grade level.

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Julie White
Washington Elementary School
Last updated: December 19, 2004