oil painting of Lincoln  by artist and sculptor Richard R. Miller.

Hello Webquesters! Today is February 12th! Did you know that today is the birthday of a very important American? That's right, today we celebrate the birthday of Abraham Lincoln. How much do you know about the man known as "Honest Abe"? By the end of this assignment, you will be able to answer all kinds of questions about Mr. Lincoln. You will find out about his childhood, his family life, and some of the important things that Abraham Lincoln accomplished when he was our 16th president. Hopefully you will find out why our state, Illinois, is known as "the land of Lincoln". Well, what are you waiting for? Follow the steps below, and get working!!!

1. Click here to print out your Abraham Lincoln Scavenger Hunt Sheet. You will need to print this out before you can continue. Make sure you print all 3 pages!

2. Read through the questions. Use the following websites to find the answers. Use the back button to get back to this page. If you can't find the answer on one website, try the others. Don't give up! You and your partner will earn points for each question you find the answer to.

Abraham Lincoln Biography for kids (You'll have to click on the "Next" button to turn the page. There are 12 page total to read.)

Abraham Lincoln's 1 page biography

Another good Abraham Lincoln biography

Abraham Lincoln's Springfield Home

Ford's Theatre Site

Lincoln Memorial Site

Abraham Lincoln's Beard

Timeline of Lincoln's Life

Lincoln Timeline (Illustrated by children)

3. Now that you've completed your scavenger hunt, test your knowledge by taking this online quiz. Click on the graded paper to continue.

graded paper

4. Great job, Webquester! If you have any time left, you could print out these fun worksheets to complete.

Abraham Lincoln Wordsearch

Abe Lincoln Crossword Puzzle (click on the picture)

crossword puzzle


Created by: J. Shileny for the 2nd graders at Riverdale School

February 11, 2007

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