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Adventure of the American Mind
Language Arts Goals and Standards
Adventure of the American Mind
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Adventure of the American Mind  

1.A.1a--Apply word analysis skills to recognize new words.

1.A.2a -- Read and comprehend unfamiliar words using root words, synonyms, antonyms, word origins and derivations.

1.A.1b--Comprehend imfamiliar words using context clues and prior knowledge.

1.B.1a--Establish purposes for reading.

1.B.1d--Read age appropriate material aloud with fluency and accuracy.

1.B.2b -- Identify structure (e.g., description, compare/contrast, cause and effect, sequence) of nonfiction texts to improve comprehension.

3.A.1--Construct complete sentences which demonstrate subject/verb agreement: appropriate capitalization and punctuation; use of high frequency words.

3.A.2 -- Write paragraphs that include a variety of sentence types; appropriate use of the eight parts of speech; and accurate spelling, capitalization and punctuation.

3.B.1a--Use prewriting stratigies to generate and organize ideas.

3.B.2a Generate and organize ideas using a variety of planning strategies (e.g., mapping, outlining, drafting).

3.C.1a--Write for a variety of purposes including description, information, explanation and narration.

3.C.2b -- Produce and format compositions for specified audiences using available technology.

4.A.1a--Listen attentively by facing the speaker, making eye contact and paraphrasing what is said.

4.A.1b--Ask questions and respond to questions fromt the teacher and from group member to improve comprehension.

4.A.1d--Follow oral instractions accurately.

4.B.1a--Present brief oral reports, using language and vocabulary appropriate to the message and audience.

4.B.1b--Participate in discussions around a common topic.

5.A.1a--Identify questions and gather information.

5.A.1b--Locate information using a variety of resources.

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