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This site is dedicated as a resource for students and teachers in which to build activities centered on Internment camps used by the major combatants of World War II. The thrust of this endevor will be to analyze the similarites and differences between the Internment camps used by American, Russian, and Germans during the war. Most of the Internment population that will be highlighted include Japanese-Americans and European political prisoners. By using the sources provided on this site, my goal is that people will understand that the pain and humiliation that Internment Camps created knew no borders during the conflagration that was World War II.

Mr. Gallagher

Mr. Gallagher

Lincoln-Way Central High School

Teacher: History of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia

Analysis of Internment Camps During WWII

Ansel Adam's Study of Japanese-Internment

This site primarily relies on the work of Ansel Adams's visual documentation of Japanese Internment camps at Manzanar established after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
This great collection is housed at the Library of Congress.


In this section of the page I will highlight news and events pertaining to the subject of Internment Camps.

For a list of sources used in this project, click here.

I hope everyone enjoys using the resources on this site! Please use the links above to discover the different resources available. View a Powerpoint presentation on the background for this project.

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