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Robert Penn Warren
All the King's Men

          Penn Warren Studying                                                                                                                                                           

                                   Literary & Film Criticism


Warren's Work Itself a Critique of Society

          Warren's Fiction Based on Fact

          Power Struggle Became Inspiration of Novel

          Characters in Moral Position of Power

        Corruption In Politics of the Novel

Offline Bibliography of Further Contemporary
Research and Reading 


          Penn Warren at Desk


                       Self-Reflection & the "New Criticism"

          Poet Vision Webcast (interview by R. W. B. Lewis, 1988)

Spirituality: Mature Vision as a Metaphor of Life

          Warren on Warren

          Robert Penn Warren and the History of Criticism

          New Criticism Explained


Critical Awards & Commemorations
          Pulitzer Prize in Fiction, 1947

          Warren-Brooks Award

            Poet Laureate of the United States, 1986-87

         Modern Library Top 100 Novel

         U.S. Commemorative Stamp
  Pulitzer Prze

  RPW stamp                                                                    

Let us ask, first, why we read literature at all. Ultimately, we read it because it gives us
an image of  the human soul confronting its fate.

—Robert Penn Warren

"The Use of the Past"


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