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Teacher Lesson # 3
Adventure of the American Mind
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Title: Clock buddies


Clock buddies are used in my science course throughout the year. At the start of the school year, I introduce the concept of clock buddies to my students and have them fill out their own clock buddy worksheet. I will explain step by step how to set this up. We use clock buddies for every group activity we do in class. Whenever we go to the lab to work on an experiment, I tell the students as they walk in the science lab the specific clock buddy I want them to work with. I will supply a picture of a clock buddy worksheet as a visual aide.

1. Pass out clock buddy worksheets.

2. Have the students print their names on top of their worksheet.

3. Explain to the students how this process works by showing how to do the first clock buddy. I always start off with 12:00 clock buddy.

4. The teacher dictates the process by stating three words... 1.Go 2.Stop 3.Write

5. The teacher will say find your 12:00 clock buddy and then say GO. The students will walk around the room and find a person they would like to have as their 12:00 clockbuddy.

6. The teacher will then say STOP. At this point everyone should have a buddy. If they have found a person they need to sit or kneel down. This will help you to see if someone does not have a partner.

7. After the teacher made sure everyone has a partner, he/she will say WRITE. The students will write down the person they just found on their clock buddy worksheet on the line next 12:00.

8. Instruct the students that they may not have the same person twice on their clock buddy worksheet.

9. Click here to see a clock buddy worksheet.




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