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more enticing with our TPS-GSU Program...

We offer a variety of training formats to support your professional development goals that will fit your schedule and lifestyle.


Workshops are designed to provide a thorough training in a specific area of focus, and this is an ideal solution when you only want to invest minimal time - from a few hours to just a day or two - in a topic of interest that will also expand your professional development.

To explore the details of each of our workshops, please click on the links below:

Teaching with Primary Sources - Level I

TPS Training Governors State University

Teaching with Primary Sources - Level II

Historical Thinking Using ARIS on Mobile Devices

Digital Storytelling Using Primary Sources to Achieve CCSS

Custom Design Workshop for Your Subject, Grade Level, and Media Specialist


Coming Soon!
Online Training...

We invite you to stay tuned as we expand our offerings to provide online training, designed to bring professional development to you with greater efficiency and convenience.

Undergraduate Courses:

Workshops and Courses are being developed this year, designed to meet your specific needs

Graduate Course:

EDUC7212: Teaching with Primary Sources is our graduate course and can be attended on site at the GSU campus, or for a group of educators at one school or district, we can bring the course to you!
Click here to learn more about EDUC7212 - Teaching with Primary Sources

Coaches Academy:

We offer a Coaches Academy to those who wish to be a leader within their school or district, supporting other educators to better utilize the vast resources of the Library of Congress in acheiving CCSS and to more easily expand the use of technology in their classroom.
Click here to discover if our next Coaches Academy is the right choice for you!



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